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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Donate your car

Auto insurance quotes: Making a vehicle donation is faster, easier and safer than selling your vehicle and benefits a charity in need. Complete the Vehicle Donation Form now or call toll free 1-877-227-7487.
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After rating, they ensure that all aspects of the vehicle donation to charity process are handled professionally and efficiently. This includes FAST, FREE pickup and IRS compliant tax deduction documentation. They accept any car donation, anywhere in the United States, running or not. In many states you can still donate your car to charity even if you lost your title.


Select A Charity 
Select the charity you wish to benefit from your donation. Click here to Search Charitable Organizations by State, Category or Keywords.

Donation Form
Complete our Fast & Easy Online Vehicle Donation Form or call Toll-Free 1-877-227-7487, 24 hours 7 days per week. Phones are answered by our experienced donation professionals.

Contact by Towing Agent 
You will be contacted by our Towing agent within 24-hours to arrange a convenient time for your vehicle pick-up. The towing agent will provide you with a pick-up receipt.

Vehicle Sold to Benefit Charity 
Your vehicle is sold for the benefit of the charity you select, typically at auction or to a parts/salvage dealer if it is considered a junk vehicle.

Proceeds to Benefit Charity
Proceeds from the sale are sent to the charity and your tax return ready letter will be sent to you by the participating charity.

no cost, no hassle, absolutely FREE vehicle donation process
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