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The vast majority of individuals are utilized to set a login password on startup screen of a computer to keep their PC from unapproved access. However , one of most baffling things is that you lost your Windows 7 password.
It is justifiable that on the off chance that you didn't made a password reset disk before you got bolted, It's a nightmare and exceptionally irritating since you won't have the capacity to reset the password for your computer or portable PC. In that condition, one of the decisions will be to re-introduce working framework once more.

However, We're going to explore the method a professional computer users would use to get into your PC. It's easy, simple and uses your Windows 7 installation disc, which contains all the tools you need to get in and change the password.

Below is a step-by-step video on how to reset administrator password of windows 7/8/10 without any softwares.
Have fun!!

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