5 Steps for How to Become a Good Businessman


If every businessman in the world is good, then we might be living in a better place. Employees are inspired, customers are satisfied, our environment is clean, the government prospers, and all the people are happy. But all of these are just like dreams that are far from reality. However, some dreams must come true. These dreams should be converted to desires, which are more achievable. Besides, when you enter into business, you are supposed to do what is right. You must learn the ways on how to become a good businessman. The following are 5 simple yet challenging steps to help you become not only a good businessman, but also a better one.

1. Become a good person

Man creates business. Principles, values, attitudes and habits create a man. If you want to become a good businessman, you need to make those human attributes good. A person should first develop himself in order to develop others. Remember that doing business is more on helping and giving solutions to people. Before you can grow your business, you must first provide growth to other people.

Doing business takes a lot of personal development and leadership, which include motivating your workers, influencing your customers and having great relationship with the public or the government. Thus, you first need to become a motivated person to be capable of motivating others. You should build trust for yourself in order that your customers will have confidence on you. Moreover, you should establish your own name, honesty and integrity to have good relationship with anyone.

You will learn how to truly improve yourself if you will find your inner self. Then you must be selfless and know how to love your spiritual self. Take note that if you cannot love yourself, how much more can you love others?

2. Have good men

You need to have a good team, which includes your workers, employees, staff or subordinates. Thus, you must hire good men and train them well. Remember that they are the one who help you produce your products and services. Your productivity and quality depend on them. If you have made yourself a motivated person, as discussed in the first step, this is now the time that you share that motivation to your people.  A good businessman keeps his workers’ morale high. He also assures that they are inspired, confident, happy, motivated and productive.  So that when anyone asks your employees what kind of businessman are you…. they’ll surely answer how good you are.

3. Make customers good

If you are a good person and have united with good men (your workers), it would be easier for you and your team to produce quality products. But you should still ensure that your products are making your customers happy and satisfied. A good businessman always listens to the feedback of his customers. He then makes actions to address what he have listened. This is to assure that his products or services are making his consumers’ lives better. People want answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. A good businessman provides these answers and solutions to them, with the help of his good men. By doing good to your clients and customers, they will spread good words about you. They will even become your own good marketers, who will help you boost your sales and profit.

4. Have a good business

If you’re a good businessman, your business should not fail or be bankrupt. You should also become a smart businessman, but in an ethical way. But of course if you have followed steps 1 to 3, you will be more assured that your business won’t fail in the long run. With your highly motivated workers and happy customers, your productivity and profitability will put your business into success. However, business should also go beyond your employees and consumers. It should also extend to the public, the environment and the public. A good business helps the economy grow (paying taxes), protects the nature and accomplishes its social responsibility (charity). It’s not all about making money, but also about using money for good. A good businessman should not only invest his capital or equity to earn financial profit, but should also invest it to make this world a better place to live. Thus, your employees, customers and the public can justify that you are a good businessman, and that you’re doing good business.

5. Repeat this good process and make it even better

Be consistent and make all of these steps even better. Be a better and greater businessman.


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