How To Setup A Custom Domain On Blogspot With Godaddy

Blogger is a free blogging platform that comes with the nice capabilities for small bloggers. WordPress, that is  created by the Matt mullenweg, Is the long time rival of Blogger platform. here is a put up which compares the quality blogging systems WordPress vs Blogger. but i’m no longer right here to reward WordPress or communicate approximately it’s advantages. rather i’m gonna provide you with an educational way to setup a custom domain on Blogger with Godaddy.
 Observe : This tutorial isn't only for Godaddy users. this is the established technique to setup a custom domain on blogger blogs. Even if you use different domain providers like NameCheap, Bigrock or different provider, This approach will works for you. The User interface of Godaddy and Others have a few distinction. if you recognize, the way to edit DNS together with your domain company, you can easily setup a custom domain.

How To Setup A Custom Domain On Blogspot With Godaddy

Setting up CName’s : 

1. check in your desired domain call with any domain name provider. In my case, it's far Godaddy. I also propose you to test out Godaddy. in case you don’t wanna signup with Godaddy, you could use Godaddy options like Namecheap or Bigrock. 

2. when you pay and sign up, watch for 10-30 minutes and you may get a e-mail with a subject known as ” Your area is activated now “. to check your area, go to a browser and type the area which you registered. you may see that ” this is a parked domain “. which means your area is efficiently activated.

3. Login for your account ( In my case, it is Godaddy ) .

4. click on my domains

setup a custom area on Blogger blog with Godaddy

5. click on manage DNS

6. Open a new tab and visit and login together with your account.

setup a custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy
7. pick out your blog and click on on Settings > simple settings

setup a custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy
8. click on on Setup a third party URL.

setup a custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy

9. type your domain name. Don’t neglect to type your domain with www . due to the fact, Blogger in no way accepts domains with out WWW. Non- WWW domain names also are referred to as naked domains. Blogger won’t take delivery of naked domain names. 

setup a custom area on Blogger blog with Godaddy
10. you may see an mistakes. the error would be like proven inside the above photo 

setup a custom area on Blogger blog with Godaddy
11. you will see  CName information below the mistake. reproduction the primary code that's located beneath Host ( Don’t close this tab )

12. pass back to the first tab which you became in the step-five. 

setup a custom domain on Blogger weblog with Godaddy
13. click on add 

14. choose CName record. Paste the copied Host name inside the Host ( Alias call ) which you copied in step- 11.  ( Don’t close this tab )

15. move returned to blogger tab and duplicate the code which turned into proper to the primary copied code ( vacation spot )

16. cross back to Godaddy area and paste the code in ” factors To box “. click on on keep. 

17. click on add , pick out CName

18. such as you copied codes in Blogger to Godaddy. replicate the second one codes to Godaddy and click on on shop. 

19. After adding Cname’s correctly, Your DNS control Cname’s could be like shown inside the above image. not as same like that, due to the fact blogger gives specific code to bloggers

19. Hooray, you completed setting up DNS settings. 

setting up A statistics :

1. visit DNS management by way of logging into your area call issuer. 

2. click on add

3. select  ” A records ”

4. within the Host section, add @ 

update A records
5. within the factors to section, type 

6. click on on shop

7. You’ll want to add 3 more A facts, Host section is constantly @ and the three Ip deal with are :

DNS dashboard
7. After adding all A statistics, your DNS management of A records should appear to be :

8. Hooray, this setup is over and now, you could update custom domain on blogger blog. just visit Blogger blog’s settings > basic . again kind your domain name with www. This time you don’t see any errors. in case you see any errors, You’ll ought to make sure which you did the whole thing efficaciously. in case you see any mistakes, Repeat this system again. 


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